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Why did I become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?

Curtis Ballance RMT

I became an RMT because of my past sports injuries. Before the age of 20 I was already subjected to a lot of rehab on my leg. Massage Therapy was a key part of my rehabilitation and I had a therapist that intrigued my interest in the field.  


What is my education & training?

At Humber College I completed the Fitness and Health Promotion program prior to my RMT course. While training to be an RMT I was personal training as a part time job. That blend of personal training and massage is still with me today as I motivate clients to try different forms of remedial exercises and strength training. My future goal is to add acupuncture to the mix.

What are my areas of clinical focus?

My clinical focus is with sports injuries and/or overuse injuries. Not only have I treated a lot of these injuries the past 6 years as an RMT, I’ve personally experienced some of these injuries. Saying that, I've seen many clients with varying problems and I encourage maintenance massage throughout their life. 

What do I love most about being an RMT?

I love being an RMT because of my diverse client base. Being in a melting pot community the amount I've learned from my clients is amazing. The friendships I've made with older, younger and everywhere in-between has been great. 

What are the techniques I use most?

Swedish massage would be my main discipline in massage therapy. Deep tissue massage and active release therapy available. Therapist assisted stretching (ig. hamstring stretch) and remedial exercise at hand as well.

What attracted me to team-based health?

The best part of team based health is being able to communicate with other practitioners about a client or wellness in general. Other ideas, view points and experience could give insight on something you might have overlooked, or just a good idea in general.

If I’m not at work, where can you find me?

If I'm not at work I'll be watching sports or sports highlights. I'm a Toronto franchise fan, but I'll watch other teams as well. I even go as far as to play fantasy sports, mostly baseball MLB. So, if if you have any sports questions I can field those as well.

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