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Why did I become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?

Growing up I knew I always wanted to help people. What that looked like, I was unsure. I started working at a Chiropractic clinic after high school as an assistant. I loved going to work knowing I was making an impact on people. I was in college while still working for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Assistant but it just wasn’t for me.


After some time had passed, I had grown within the clinic. At this point I knew I wanted to explore other options within the health care field, as I didn’t want to be someone’s “sidekick” as I called it. I had thought of massage therapy when I left

college before I wasn’t ready to embark on this career at that time, so I started to do more research into it again. Talked with a couple of massage therapists, looked into a few colleges, met with the dean of a school, signed up and have never looked back.

Kaitlyn Ford RMT

What is my education & training?

I graduated from The Institute of Complementary and Alternative Therapies, a private one-year fast track Massage Therapy College. After I graduated, I attended the Canadian Massage Therapy Conference where I attended several seminars to serve my clients better and see what I could add to my treatments. I have completed further training and am certified in cupping which helps treat fascia.


I am a member of the Registered Massage Therapists of Ontario (RMTAO) and am in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

What are my areas of clinical focus?

As a Massage Therapist I use various techniques to help my clients reach their goals. Whether it’s increasing relaxation, reducing pain/muscle tension or an ear to listen.


I treat musculoskeletal conditions such as:

-   Back pain

-   Neck pain/headaches/whiplash

-   Shoulder, elbow, wrist pain

-   Foot pain/plantar fasciitis

-   Sprains/strains

-   Pre-natal/post-natal

-   Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

-   Fibromyalgia

What do I love most about being an RMT?

I love when my clients feel better after their massage and come out with a smile on their face. The client-therapist relationships that are formed knowing that they trust me to make decisions about their health are truly invaluable.

What are the techniques I use most?

I am licensed in General Swedish Massage techniques and occasionally use hydrotherapy (thermophore) during treatments. My techniques are more slow and long  massage strokes with some specific work (like trigger point release). I am also certified in cupping which I incorporate when I feel the client would benefit from this modality. Massage therapy may help with relaxation, increasing circulation, reducing muscle tension from an injury or stress. I ensure that the techniques used in my treatments fit the needs of my clients, regardless of their reason for seeing me.

What attracted me to team-based health?

Team based health is an amazing way for clients to receive optimal care. I refer my clients to other practitioners when I feel that they would benefit from multiple kinds of treatment to achieve their goals.


I had the privilege of working with some amazing women at the Centre for Collaborative Health which opened my eyes even more to the value of team-based health. Working so closely with the other practitioners and communicating as a team to make sure our clients were getting the best care is one of the parts I value mosted about team-based health. It’s amazing to be able to see the results of our clients and them achieving their goals with a team of support behind them.

If I’m not at work, where can you find me?

I’m probably spending time with my dog Lexi (she’s a beagle), at the gym or running outside. We love to go for walks by the lake (my happy place) and car rides which usually takes us up north somewhere. I love catching up with my friends over tea/coffee or enjoying a meal together.

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