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Free Webinar: How Your Brain Processes Pain

To say the brain is complex would be the understatement of the century. The brain is the key to so many different doors within our body, and understanding how it processes different internal and external signals allows us to get one step closer to understanding ourselves, how our bodies are able to do what they do, and more importantly how they do what they do.

We're so excited to be hosting our free webinar this month with the one and only Dr. Yaad Shergill. Dr. Yaad is our resident chiropractic doctor and cofounder of One Elephant. She has dedicated years of her education to research in this very topic, and is truly an expert in the areas of acute and chronic pain.

Join Dr. Yaad Shergill in this webinar where you'll:

  • Understand the difference between acute and chronic pain

  • Learn about how your brain process pain

  • Understand neuroplasticity

  • Learn about how the brain can help manage pain

Save your seat by registering here!


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