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At One Elephant we are constantly striving to contribute, participate and keep up-to-date on current health research. Our clinicians are interested in understanding what health interventions advance patient care and how to assist in knowledge translation. 


One Elephant is involved in community-engaged research in which input from the community is integrated in the development of a research question and project. The project is completed through collaboration and partnership in the community. This engagement allows for the movement of research from lab to hospital to community settings, like One Elephant. 


At One Elephant, community-engaged health research can be asked in three different types of questions that focus on patient care, healthcare access and quality of health care. 


  1. Epidemiological or descriptive studies: What is the prevalence of certain health conditions in the general patient population? What are key characteristics of health conditions observed at a community clinic?

  2. Creating evidence-based practice: Does a specific treatment work in a community clinical setting? 

  3. Creating practice-based evidence: Does a team-based model of care in the general population improve health outcomes? 


One Elephant is excited about collaborating and developing partnerships with clinicians, researchers and patients in the community.

See below for previously published research:


Peer reviewed journals:


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